Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2006 Patsy Jo Petersen Bath


Patsy Jo Petersen Bath
Birth: January 1951, Brigham City, UT
Parents: Boyd W. and Lois Rosenbaum Petersen
Children: 2
Death date: April 15, 2006
Place of death: Salt Lake City, UT
Cemetery: Brigham City, UT


  1. Patsy and I started out in the same neighborhood growing up near first north and 3rd east. She was challenged with many obstacles but it sounds like she excelled in helping others. Sorry to read of her passing.
    Bob Holmes

  2. Comments from Patsy's Daughter:
    I just found your blog, and I got to see all of my mother's old school photos, none of which I had seen before. Thanks! It was a lot of fun to look at, and save the pictures.

  3. Email conversation with Patsy's daughter Heather.
    Heather: You said she was challenged with many obstacles, and I was wondering what you meant.
    I would love to hear any stories (good or bad) that you may have about her. I didn't know much about her life as a kid. Thanks!
    Bob: I just remember your mom coming to primary classes at church and looking so fragile and timid and later a classmate told me at a class reunion that she had struggled as an adult with obstacles in her life and still managed to rise up and keep going inspite of them.
    I didn't know her very well and we moved from the neighborhood when I started Jr high but I always remember her as a shy girl from the neighborhood when I attended Bunderson elementary.
    What do you remember about her and why was she taken away before her time. I am approaching retirement and look forward to a slower pace where I can work less and play more. Thanks

    Heather: Thank you for the memory. :) I didn't know she was a timid little girl, now I know where I got it from! She did struggle. Her mother died when she was 12, and her father and brother died by the time she was 20. She had it pretty rough. She still managed to raise my brother and I as a single mother, and she did a good job, she was a very loving mother. She was very good to her daycare kids, and many more in her life. Endometrial cancer is what she died from.
    Thank you so much for sending the better quality scans! I really appreciate it!

  4. It makes me sad to see so many of our friends and classmates leaving us too soon. Patsy was a lovely woman, and will be missed. I'm sure, though, that her reunion with departed loved ones was joyous. For those that are left behind, may you find comfort in knowing how strong a woman she was. It seems God tests the strongest of us the most. And she seemed to have more than her share of tests. Still, I am saddened by this news.


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