Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2004 William Byron Redfield


William Byron Redfield
Birth: July 1951, Ogden, UT
Parents: William Byron and Alberta Ericksen Redfield
Spouse: Carolyn Hardy
Children: 8
Death date: November 12, 2004
Place of death: Harrisville, UT

US Army Served in Vietnam


  1. I served with Byron in Vietnam.
    We almost went into business together after Vietnam but I decided to stay in Texas.
    Byron was a great guy and I think about him a lot....

  2. I served in Vietnam with Byron and can say he was truly a very good friend. We were together most of our time in Vietnam. we got separated temporarily for couple of days at which time I was wounded and after many months in the hospital was ent back home.
    I visited Byron only a couple of times after we both got out of the service and this I do regret...

    I would really likje to hear from anyone who knew Byron as I miss him more than ever..

    1. Thanks for your comments Gary! I will pass them on to other classmates we are in touch with. I will make your email address available to anyone who might want to contact you if you will send it to this email address:

    2. hi Gary this is Suzanne redfield wilson I've tried to send this twice buy i don't know yes my first try worked. I remember you visiting us I was Byron's first wife we had 5 girls and find me he got his
      Son. I still have the figurines you bought us you were a good friend to Byron. we all miss him is specially his kids
      xfer riding on this blog it means a lot to the kids that someone remembers him

    3. Thanks for your Comments Suzanne today on the anniversary of Byron's passing in 2004. I hope Gary Vaught will see them soon. Feel free to make more comments and if you have any photos of Byron or his family we'd be happy to post them here. Hope to hear from you again.
      Bob Holmes

  3. I was childhood friends with his sister Jeanette and spent many days and nights playing at their house in Willard. Byron was always pretty quiet but always very nice. Not like a lot of other friends brothers. Their mom would make us the best pancakes for breakfast. Now all three are gone but all wonderful people. They are missed.

  4. Copied from BEHS 1969 class Facebook Page:

    Mike Crossley:
    "I grew up with Byron! we had a lot of fun. After we graduated Byron went in the service and we lost touch. There was always Byron, Steve Greer, Terry Fowles and Myself chasing in Willard. It's sad to see close friends passing on, I give my love and best wishes to his wife and children. Byron was a dear friend and I will miss him too"



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