Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Craig C. Lewis



Birth:  1950
Parents: Clent & Colleen Lewis
Spouse: Deborah Dalton
Children: 1
Death date: June 22, 2013
Place of death: Baker, California 

Veteran US Marines


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  1. Recent comments posted 7/17/2013 to our BEHS Class of 1969 Facebook Group and shared here:

    Gary Dunn: Oh my goodness! I've been wondering about Craig for years. This just makes me so sad ... It is with tears in my eyes that I write this now. Three dear friends passing in such a sort time, Shelby, Benji, and now Craig. I am sick at heart.

    Gary Dunn: In Region track meets, Craig was undefeated 3 straight years, and as a 9th grader, only lost to Dan Stowell of Sky View. Our Senior year, he took 5th in state with a time of 9.7 seconds in the 100 yard dash. First place was Golden Richards with 9.6. He also took third in the 220 yard dash with a time of close to 21 seconds. He was amazing! And had dad been able to coach him our senior year, it is very likely he would have won the 220 and placed within the top 3 in the 100, possibly even winning.

    Ray Friess: Oh my .... this is so sad ...This tugs at my heart every time I hear of another one of us leaving. Tuesday at 6:28pm

    Craig Walker: I too wondered about how/where he was. I wished I could have had the chance to catch up with him before he left us.

    Wendy Lorscheider Collmar: Even I remember what a fast runner he was. Yes, it's sad to see classmates leave us.
    Tuesday at 7:59pm ·

    Bob Holmes: I was sad to hear of Craig's passing. My condolences to his family. I always used Craig as my yardstick to measure myself in gym, track and football if I could at least keep up with him within 20 feet i knew I was doing good. He was a remarkable athlete! Tuesday at 11:16pm ·

    Renee Francis: Fulmer so sorry Yesterday at 9:26am ·

    Jean Barnum: Holden This makes me sad Yesterday at 9:32am ·

    Barbara Bywater Stokes: ... The passing of Craig has hit unexpectedly hard. Didn't see that coming as I was looking forward to him keeping his promise to me to "for sure be at the 45th!" ... I see Craig's picture and I'm so glad he's my friend. I'm so glad you are all my friends. Love, Barbara

    Lynn & DeAnna Hulme: Sad as always. DeAnna

    Dianne DeLancey: My goodness how sad.. My heart and prayers go out to his family at this time and I hope that they will find the peace and comfort that they need at this time...

    Debbie Arnell Wright: Sad! I didn't know, he was so close ... Prayers & thoughts to his loved ones & may you rest in peace Craig!


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