Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 William C. Fillmore


Birth: 1950
Parents: Albert Leslie and Joyce Cutler Fillmore
Spouse: Linda Ferrin
Children: 4
Death date: March 24, 2014
Place of death: Ogden, Ut
Cemetery: Brigham City, Ut

Utah Army National Guard


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  1. Comments posted in our Facebook Class group about William C, Fillmore's passing

    Ray Friess: ... just don't know what more to say anymore. loss for words.
    Debbie Arnell Wright: Oh man! Loss for words also. Prayers & thoughts to his family.
    Grace Nicholas Tustison: He was a great friend from school. Sad to hear the news. Condolences to his family.
    Bob Holmes: William was a great guy, he was always positive and tried to add a joke to the conversation! I used to see him at national Guard Drills and at Thiokol.
    Anne Matthews Bon: So sad. He was one of the real nice guys. Thoughts and prayers to his loved ones
    Gary Dunn: Ah, man! I remember him as Billy. So many taken from us too soon! Condolences to his family!
    Anne Matthews Bon: There was a cartoon character that Wm. Fillmore use to talk about....alot. But I cant for the life of me remember who. William was a true blue nice guy.
    Renee Francis Fulmer: thoughts and prayers to the family
    Alvin Nay: My prayers and condolences to the family
    Anne Matthews Bon: The name of that cartoon character William liked was George of the Jungle. I remember he use to sing the theme song in class. He was my reason to smile. Miss you Billy
    David Arthur Johnston: Sorry to hear this. Great loss to Perry.


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