Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 Rex L. Scoffield


Rex Scoffield

Birth: 1951
Parents: Roland and Georgia Scoffield
Spouse: Debbie Norr Kearl
Children: 1
Death date: September 15, 2015
Place of death: Ogden, UT
Cemetery: Bear River City Cemetery


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  1. Comment from Class members on Facebook
    Ray Friess Good Lord ... when is enough enough?
    4 · September 15 at 7:43pm
    Bob Holmes Thanks Ray. Sad to see the news about Rex, Debbie, let me know an hour ago and I am searching for his obituary now.
    2 · September 15 at 7:47pm · Edited
    Gary Dunn I guess we must be getting to that age. Still, it just seems like too many are leaving us way too soon.
    2 · September 15 at 9:52pm
    Ray Friess Gary Dunn ... you're right. Though we are never really ready to let them go, it is an extra hard blow to endure when they leave in groups as they have been this past month.
    3 · September 15 at 9:55pm
    Renee Francis Fulmer So sad
    1 · September 16 at 5:22am
    Lois J Craghead Reese That's too bad another one's a in just a couple weeks RIP
    1 · September 16 at 7:38am
    Karen Richards Jensen Sooo Remember Rex from grade school & Jr high.. he lived by my cousin Georgeann & we had alot if fun times. Always such a GOOD LOOKING guy.... RIP Rex....
    September 17 at 8:01pm
    Bob Holmes Kim Lester & Debbie Arnell Wright, thanks again for your donation to our flower fund. And Thanks to those ladies who donated while having lunch at Maddox last Saturday.
    September 21 at 5:49pm · Edited


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