Friday, June 13, 2014

2014 Kenneth Max Baugh


Kenneth Max Baugh

Birth: March 1951
Parents: Max and Leah Grant Baugh
Spouse: Carol Christensen Baugh
Children: 2
Death date: June 11, 2014
Place of death: Honeyville, Utah
Cemetery: Call’s Fort Cemetery

Utah Army National Guard


  1. Copied remarks about Ken's fight with Cancer and his passing from your Class Facebook page:

    Barbara Olsen Ocaña - I'm sorry to hear that. Thoughts and prayers go to his family
    Theresa Hollings - So sorry to hear that.
    LaMar Brown - This was my old college roommate. Good guy
    Anne Bon - No more pain. Kenny was a truly good guy. So sorry for the family
    Debby Rasmussen Braegger - 0h no!!!! That's terrible!!
    Karen J Tam - Condolences to his family. He fought the good fight and now all is well with him.
    Diane Collmar Zundel - That is such a bummer!!
    Anne Bon - My parents are buried at the calls fort cemetery. So it will be easy to visit his grave.
    Monica Madson Harrison - Wow, My prayers are going up for Kenny's family; may they feel God's love at this difficult time and may their faith be strengthened. With the passing of each classmate, I feel more vulnerable to this thing called death. I feel an increased love for all of my family and friends, there are so many! I read Kenny's life legacy and it was so sweet and gave me comfort to know that he will be with his family for all eternity.
    Bob Holmes - My condolences to Ken's Family during this difficult time
    Ronda Garrett Hardy - I'm sorry to hear this, our prayers go to his family
    Jean Barnum Holden - My heart is heavy with sadness as we watch another wonderful person and family go through this horrid disease. My prayers are with the family.
    Renee Francis Fulmer - So sorry prayers to his family
    Jana Dee Merrell Chase - So sad to see another one of our classmates going. I remember Kenny in 1st grade I had such a crush on him. I remember going outside with him to do the weather report. It was a warm Spring day and there was still snow on the tops of the mountains. Funny the things we recall. God bless his family.
    Joyce Keller - I first knew Kenny when Harper Ward students were shipped to the Honeyville School for 6th grade. Kenny's dad, Max, was the Honeyville students bus driver to Brigham City during junior high and high school. Everybody loved Max and Kenny too!
    Linda Walker Reese - Sending love and prayers to his family!

  2. Another good man gone. It makes me so sad to think of all our dear friends who have departed too soon. Love and prayers for his family.


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